Jersey Shipping and Handling

Jersey Shipping
Jersey Shipping

Jersey Shipping and Handling


We are very sorry if you couldn’t attend the 24th Escape New York. We are a volunteer organization but we will do our best to accommodate you within the next 2 weeks.

If you would like us to ship your jersey and accessories please add Jersey and Shipping to cart and pay for the shipping and handling during checkout. Please provide in the order comments:

  1. Your full name

  2. The email addressed you used when registering for Escape New York 2018

  3. Your order number

We charge $13.95 for shipping and handling within the USA. As always, net proceeds from Escape New York benefit The Kids Ride Club and I Challenge Myself. All orders are non refundable.

You must pay for shipping and handling before November 1st if you wish us to send you your item.

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If you ordered an Escape New York Jersey and couldn’t pick it up, please buy shipping and handling using the name and email address you registered with as well as your order number.