12:30 pm Finish-Line Festival Starts

1:30 pm Raffle Drawing

4:00 pm Course Closes

4:30 pm Festival Closes

(All times are Eastern Daylight Time)


7:00 am 100-Mile Route Departure

7:30 am Dirt Route Departure

8:00 am 75-Mile Route Departure

8:30 am 50-Mile Route Departure

9:00 am 25-Mile Route Departure

9:30 am Check-in and Day-of Registration Closes

Along The Route

Rest Areas

We will jumpstart your ride with a breakfast that offers plenty of carbs and coffee courtesy of Cafe La Llave to get you going. Along the route, re-fuel and meet NYCC members at our well-stocked rest stops. 


Facilities are available at the start and finish and at each rest stop.

Bike Repair

We will have FREE mechanical support at the start and at each rest area to provide basic repairs.

Along The Route


In case of a problem marshals will gently direct you along the route.

SAG (Support and Gear)

In the event you are unable to ride because of mechanical issues, our volunteer drivers will be available to transport you and your bike to one of our rest stops, which will have bike repair services.

Post-Ride Festival

After completing your ride, celebrate your accomplishment at our post-ride festival, featuring food, entertainment, and a raffle with exceptional prizes. 

I did ENY last year as well as this year (65 mile course). I couldn’t pick a favorite section; I really enjoy the whole Palisades area for cycling.
This was my first ENY and it was the longest ride I’d ever ridden. I’ll be doing it again. I don’t think you could do much better, it was really well run.