Harriman Century, 100 miles

The hundred-milers enjoy all that the 75 mile route has to offer plus a new climbing loop into Harriman State Park. This is a challenging segment, adding ~25 miles and ~2500 feet of climbing. The roads in Harriman are spectacular.

Tiorati Brook Road is arguably the most picturesque climb near New York City as it winds 2.5 miles alongside the brook to Lake Tiorati. From there riders will see four of the seven lakes along Seven Lakes Drive before descending to rejoin the 75 mile route.

The route has over 6000' feet of climbing so bring your climbing legs!

  • Pink Arrows

  • Distance: 105 Miles

  • Elevation: 6111 Feet

  • Start Time: 7:00AM

  • Minimum Average Speed: 13mph

  • Rest Stops: 6

Download navigation files: GPX | TCX


Rockland Roll, 75 Miles

The 75 mile route is a new distance this year with some of the most beautiful sections of gentle downhill roads in the area. Of course, riders will need to earn the right to ride the downhill stretches by climbing a total of ~3750' on this ride. Orchards, Rivers, and Farms..this route has it all.


  • Blue Arrows

  • Distance: 78 Miles

  • Elevation: 3,608 Feet

  • Start Time: 8:00AM

  • Minimum Average Speed: 12mph

  • Rest Stops: 4

Download navigation files: GPX | TCX


Bergen Spin, 25 Miles

Starting in Sakura Park adjacent to the Columbia University Campus, take in the view from high above the Hudson as you ride across the George Washington Bridge. Then on to scenic tree-lined streets meandering through northern New Jersey before the rest stop in Tenafly. On the return you will tackle the challenging but beautiful climb up Walnut, before returning to Sakura Park for the festivities at the finish area!

  • Green Arrows

  • Distance: 28 Miles

  • Elevation: 1,300 Feet

  • Start Time: 10:00AM

  • Minimum Average Speed: 10mph

  • Rest Stops: 1

Download navigation files: GPX | TCX


Dirty Spin, Metric Century

For the first time in 24 years, Escape New York offers a dirt route. The route goes from Sakura Park to Nyack Beach, offering 2,800 ft of elevation and a mix of paved, gravel and hard packed roads. 

We recommend a road bike with 28mm or wider tires. Riders must be comfortable riding on dirt roads and be able to navigate on their own. 

You can now select the dirt route as your preferred route when you buy your ticket. If you already bought a ticket but you would like to challenge yourself on the dirt route, please inform us during registration before getting your route specific bracelet.

  • Purple Arrows

  • Distance: 61 Miles

  • Elevation: 2,800 Feet

  • Start Time: 8:00AM

  • Minimum Average Speed: 12mph

  • Rest Stops: 2

Download navigation files: GPX | TCX


Piermont Pleasures, 50 Miles

Starting on the same route as the 25 milers, riders on the 50 mile route will continue north past alpacas and historical houses to the traditional rest stop in Piermont. The return will take riders along some fun cruising roads before rejoining the 25 milers at the Tenafly rest stop. 


  • Yellow Arrows

  • Distance: 51 Miles

  • Elevation: 1,985 Feet

  • Start Time: 9:00AM

  • Minimum Average Speed: 10mph

  • Rest Stops: 2

Download navigation files: GPX | TCX



This was my second century, both with ENY, and is not going to be the last one.
— 2017 Participant
I enjoyed the entire day. Best part was finishing the Century and getting some gelato!
— 2017 Participant